Prohibition in Sweden

Skansen, Stockholm, Sweden

In America, we tend to think of Prohibition as an American phenomenon. When I was in Sweden last month, I learned the movement was strong in that country as well, and at the same time.

This is a picture of a Temperance Hall. I saw it in Skansen, which is a Colonial Williamsburg-sort of outdoor museum in Stockholm. Some of the buildings have been moved there from elsewhere in Sweden, and this was one of those.

According to the information I read, the movement heated up in Sweden in the mid-nineteenth century, which is about the same time it strengthened in the U.S. It never reach the stage of the legal prohibition of alcohol there–I suspect Swedes are a bit easier going in that regard than Americans, who tend to want to pass laws to make others conform to their own religious and moral preferences.

Anyway, Stockholm is a lovely city, the Swedes are gracious and hospitable, and I urge everyone to visit if they can!

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  1. It’s a pretty building.

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