Prohibition Created the Cruise Industry???


majestic0202-300x188Yep. According to Daniel Okrent’s book about Prohibition, Last Call, the development of the “booze cruise” (aka “cruise to nowhere” or “party cruise”) during Prohibition years led directly to the creation of today’s cruise industry.

s3d2nh1ftktxgpBefore the 1920s, cruises occurred when you wanted to get somewhere, like from New York to London. As liquor became illegal in 1920, people quickly realized they could drink and sell liquor outside the 3-mile territorial limit (later extended to 12 miles). Opportunities sprang up to go on a short cruise to nowhere for a few hours or a few days, in a small boat or larger ship, to drink and party nonstop. Some ships went to the Bahamas or Cuba, many just floated around.  This was the start of the party cruises to the Caribbean and the basis for today’s cruise industry, says Okrent.

I’ll buy it.


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  1. very believable

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