Getting Arrested in the 1920s

The mystery I’m currently working on (one-third complete so far!) is set in Chicago in 1924. I have a scene where a speakeasy is raided and the patrons are arrested and taken to the police station. It’s night time. What do the police look like? What does a paddy wagon look like? What does the inside of a police station look like in those days, and at night? I compiled a few pictures to help me describe the scene:







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  1. Cool gallery. I love working with pics when envisioning mys tories.

    Hey! My book (just launched) is also set in Chicago in 1924, inside a speakeasy… but no one gets arrested πŸ˜‰

    • And what’s the title?

      • Give in to the Feeling. Just launched it last week πŸ™‚
        Thanks for asking.

  2. Nice pics! I had to look into this too for my book as well. If you still need it, there’s some great stuff on Forgotten Chicago’s website about defunct police stations that were active in the 1920s. I once had characters get arrested in a certain part of the city and had to figure out where the nearest police station was in 1927 to that location, and that website was helpful to me.

    • Yes, I’m familiar with that website: Forgotten Chicago. It’s a good one.

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