Jack Benny’s death

220px-Life_ad_benny_1937Jack Benny died on Dec. 26, 1974, at the age of 39. (Okay, he was really 80.) His real name was Benjamin Kubelsky, and he really did play the violin–quite well, as it turns out, not horridly, as his stage character often demonstrated. He started in vaudeville where he met up with the Marx Brothers, who would be his friends for life, especially Zeppo.

Because of his solid vaudeville experience, I incorporated Jack Benny and to a lesser extent, Zeppo Marx, in my first book, The Impersonator. I made Jack a friend of my fictional protagonist, Jessie. He helps her out with some advice and some investigating. My story takes place in 1924, when Jack was a young performer of 30. He was good looking, unmarried at that point, so I made him a bit of a ladies’ man. I know he wouldn’t have minded! jbpose

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