Silent Movie Posters

220px-London_After_MidnightI prefer original art hanging on my walls, but the one exception is posters. Travel posters, French dance hall posters, and movie posters, in particular. Original posters can be found at flea markets, art galleries, or auction houses, and prices for the ones I’ve seen range from a couple hundred dollars to tens of thousands, depending upon age, condition, rarity, size, design, and collectibility. Yesterday I noticed something in the paper about a silent movie poster for the 1927 film “London After Midnight”–it sold at auction for a record-breaking $478,000. The most ever paid for a movie poster. Wow.

Heritage Auctions of Dallas announced that it is the only known poster for that film, which stars Lon Chaney as a vampire. That certainly helps on the scarcity scale and the collectibility index. Interestingly, the film “London After Midnight” no longer exists; the last known copy was destroyed in a fire at MGM in 1967. (Old film is highly flammable.) It was sort of re-created ten years ago from 200 still photos, but that hardly counts.

The previous record was a 1932 poster for “The Mummy,” which sold in 1997 for $453,000. That was not a silent movie.

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  1. I just finished reading Silent Murders and really loved it. You have chosen such an interesting time period and place and your research is incredible. When I read your books I never think “Did they do/say that in 1929?” like I often do while reading other historical fiction. And your blog posts are always very interesting. Living here in Colorado my husband and I had a great discussion about your prohibition post!

    Cannot wait for your next book. Thanks for creating this series!

    Ann Stoelzle

    • Thanks, Ann, I’m so glad you enjoyed the book! I’m sure I do more research than I should, but I have fun with it.
      I was just in Denver on Nov. 6, speaking at the Book & Author event that raises money for Craig Hospital. My first time in Denver, but not my first in Colorado. I can’t help but see HUGE parallels between the prohibition of alcohol and the prohibition of marijuana–I tell people we are really living in the Twenties again.

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