Medical Liquor Prescription

Look what I bought on eBay! A prescription for liquor dated 1929. Medical Liquor Prescription It’s a duplicate and the handwriting is sloppy, so it’s a bit hard to read, but it was made out to Albert Long of ???, Pennsylvania for Thatcher’s Drug Store in West Chester. The doctor prescribed a quart of some liquor that the second word begins with Fr . . . ti. Anyone know a liquor that would fit those letters? On the back, rules say that the prescription is only good for 3 days, and that this duplicate had to be retained by the drug store. No doubt, the pharmacist saved these in a binder (see the 2 hold punches?) in case the Prohibition cops wanted to check. Since one of my characters in Silent Murders and the book following that (Renting Silence 2015) is involved in legal drug store liquor sales, I wanted to have one of these for my “show and tell” folder when I appear at book signings and at book clubs. It makes history really come alive.

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  1. How fun!

  2. The prescriber’s town is Avondale. Looking at a map around Avondale, I’d say Mr. Long’s address is Landenburg.

    • Excellent! Now that you provide the names, I can make them out.

  3. That’s so cool!

  4. That is amazing that you found this!

  5. Very nice. I remember the first time I read Gatsby the fact the title character “owned a lot of drug stores” totally slid past. Funny how large a role this sort of thing played for such a short time in our history.

  6. It looked like the alcohol is “Spiritus Frumenti” which is the neo-latin name for Whiskey. It could also be spelled Frumente.

    • The other frequent prescription was for “Spiritus Vini Gallici” or as we know it, Brandy.

    • Ahh, that seems likely. Thanks!!

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