Mary Stewart dies at 97

MStewart-2-Obit-blog427One of my all-time favorite mystery/suspense authors, Mary Stewart, died a couple weeks ago. She was 97 and hadn’t written anything in years, but in her productive tim, she published a couple dozen novels, including several for young people. Some of her books were made into movies, notably The Moonspinners, set in the Greek isles. Her most famous books are her Merlin series (Crystal Cave, Hollow Hills, Last Enchantment). Her maiden name, I just learned from her obituary, was Mary Rainbow. Really. 

My favorite was her first, Madam Will You Talk? (1954) which takes place in the south of France right after the second world war. She was a wonderful storyteller and a powerful writer, imaginative, vivid, and with a strong sense of place. To read a Mary Stewart novel is to travel, in place and in time. 

I’ve written a novel set in France in 1928 that I modeled after Mary Stewart’s work. Nothing nearly as good as hers, of course, but she was my inspiration. I call it Stolen Memories. My agent is reading it now–I hope she can recommend a suitable publisher. 

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  1. Oh… sad news. She is one of my favorites.
    Good luck with the publisher.

  2. I loved her books. thank you for telling us. I think moonspinners was my favorite. I always gasp when the girl finds the dead body, even though I know it’s coming each time I read it. the movie was nothing like the book, but I still like it too. I would search for her books at bookshops.

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