Silent Murder copyedits–FINISHED!

thFinished final edits for SILENT MURDERS yesterday–only took 2 days! I have an omniscient copyeditor. Here are some things I learned: the preferred spelling is gray, not grey; also whiskey, not whisky. It’s “if worst comes to worst,” not “worse.” Rolls-Royce is hyphenated. It’s “dammit,” not damnit. These are one word: boardinghouse, drugstore, lightbulb, apiece, shopgirl, coffeepot, stuntman, backseat, shortcut, dustup, reshoot, stomachache, and uphill, BUT these aren’t: meat loaf, well-known, go-ahead, a while, tommy gun. And the popular drink, gin rickey, isn’t capitalized. When it comes to spelling, I made only two errors: minuscule (not miniscule) and lightning (not lightening, at least, not when it comes from the sky.) I’m aiming for my next manuscript to be error free–of course, it won’t be, but goals are good to have!!

Now I’m waiting for the cover art. They promised it for next week . . . I’m nervous. 

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  1. That was fun!

  2. Congratulations.

    • Thanks! It’s a real weight lifted from my life. Now I can concentrate on the next project.

  3. Congratulations. I’m really looking forward to the next book!

  4. how nice! so little i know about writing books.

    • But you surely know that lovely feeling of being DONE with a major project!!

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