It’s Here! It’s Here!

Impersonator finalThe Impersonator has finally arrived! It’s available at bookstores, chains (like Barnes & Noble), online (like, and your local independent.

You have no idea how long a road this has been.

I think I started writing this in 2006. I had an agent for another book, she read my first draft of The Impersonator and didn’t like it. She wanted revisions. I revised. She still didn’t like it. She fired me. (Didn’t know that could happen, did you?)

I got another agent. She loved it. But wanted revisions. I revised. She sent it out to a dozen publishers. Some liked it. Wanted revisions. I revised. They passed. She sent it out to others.

About that time—this is 2 or 3 years ago—I came across something about a national writing contest sponsored by the Mystery Writers of America and St. Martin’s Press. There was no charge to enter, so I packed my manuscript in a box, mailed it off, and promptly forgot all about it, because I never win anything.

You know those junk calls you get “Congratulations! You have won . . . “ and it’s about a timeshare in Florida? When the senior editor at St. Martin’s called to tell me I’d won the contest, that’s what it sounded like to me. I nearly hung up on her. She managed to slip in one question before I slammed down the phone, “Didn’t you enter a writing contest?” I vaguely recalled that I had. “Yes,” I told her, “but that was 2 or 3 years ago.” She said, “No, it was 9 months ago.” She loved my book and wanted to publish it. Of course, she wanted revisions. I revised. And happily, it’s received rave reviews from all the professional reviewers (Library Journal, Booklist, etc. . . ) and a rare “starred” review from Publishers Weekly.

I’ve told you all this so you won’t think, as most people do, how effortless it was to get my first novel published. The Impersonator is my 8th or 9th novel. None of the others were published, but they were written. This is my first novel that was published, not my first novel. And it debuts TODAY!

My other good news is that the publisher, St. Martin’s Minotaur, liked it so much, they contracted for the second in the series, which comes out a year from now. I’ve already finished it. I’m sure it will need revising . . .

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  1. Congratulations Mary, I will order my copy now.
    So happy for you. Barbara Fitzgerald

  2. i am glad for you. you deserve it. you worked hard at it. did your agent help you with suggestions for the revisions or did you have to figure them out yourself? you have caught my interest. i don’t ususally like very many mysteries. i like your articles and writings. i appreciate your reasearch you have put in. the cover is very nice.

    • Thanks! Everyone who suggests revisions, whether they are agents or editors, is fairly specific about the changes they expect to see. It could be very specific and easy to change, such as “You used this same expression on page 58,” meaning, Change one of them. Or it could be really hard, such as “Your female character needs to be more likable,” meaning, Rewrite all passages throughout the entire book that involve this character to make her more appealing, somehow. Or “Add another character to increase the number of suspects.” That’s hugely hard.
      And I like the cover too. It was the publisher’s fourth version, proving that writers aren’t the only people who have to revise.

  3. thank you for explaining this. i have read that that is the thing most writers detest. i understand it better now. i can see where it can change the whole book.

  4. Congratulations on your release! I’ve enjoyed following your progress & look forward to reading the book.

    • Thank you.

  5. Hi Mary,
    I just ordered your book on my Kindle..can’t wait to read it! so proud and happy for you. come see us soon.

    • Thank, Leeto. I hope you like it! I was thinking the other day that Little Sister would have ordered two dozen copies, assembled scrapbooks of my life to go with them, and then given them all as Christmas presents!!

      Mary Mary Miley Theobald

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