The Impersonator is coming!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog postings for an update on my soon-to-be-published Roaring Twenties mystery, THE IMPERSONATOR!

It seems like forever, but it’s really only been since last April that my manuscript for The Impersonator won the Mystery Writers of America national contest for Best First Crime Novel. I was flown to New York to receive the award–a $10,000 publishing contract with St. Martin’s Minotaur Press. And then . . . silence. For 8 long months, I waited patiently and finally, last week, the wheels began to turn.

My editor sent some minor changes she wanted made to the manuscript, so I’ve started working on those. She also told me they had decided to keep my suggested title, which really pleased me. Often, publishers change the author’s title to something they consider more marketable, but I guess I had chosen well when I came up with The Impersonator. They also decided on a pub date: September 2013. This is good news, because fall is considered the best time to bring out a new book.  

6bacA design team has started working on the cover. I couldn’t help but make a few suggestions (probably not very good ones, after all, I’m no artist). Like, maybe a rocky beach with some driftwood and a green glass fisherman’s flot washed up on the shore . . . They are trying for something that will get across the feel of the Roaring Twenties in a subtle way. I can’t wait to see what that looks like! I’ll post it here the minute I get the word.  

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