Where Could You Buy Booze?

Before Prohibition, you bought liquor at saloons and liquor stores. During Prohibition, you could buy liquor almost everywhere. 

According to one newspaper, potential sales spots included, “saloons, restaurants, night clubs, bars behind a peephole, dancing academies, drugstores, delicatessens, cigar stores, confectioneries, soda fountains, behind partitions of shoeshine parlors, back rooms of barbershops, from hotel bellhops, from hotel headwaiters, from hotel day clerks, night clerks, in express offices, in motorcycle delivery agencies, paint stores . . . importing firms, tearooms, moving van companies, spaghetti houses, boardinghouses, Republican clubs, Democratic clubs, laundries . .”  

In the third novel of my Roaring Twenties series, one of my regular characters buys a drug store and legally sells liquor from it, liquor by the pint as per doctors’ prescriptions. Of course, being a scoundrel, he is not content with “legal” sales and has a scam in mind . . .

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