Prohibition: Disaster or Success?

Prohibition is widely thought to have been a disaster. It was supposed to make the population healthier, but it did the opposite.

1. Arrests for drunken driving increased.

2. Cirrhosis of the liver cases increased.

3. Poisonings, death, and paralysis from bad alcohol skyrocketed.

But  contrary to what is widely believed, Prohibition did lower the amount of drinking, at first by a whopping 70%. But as the months went by and illegal booze became ever more available, alcohol consumption increased. Nonetheless, at the end of Prohibition in 1933, it was still 30% lower than at the start in 1920. And it wasn’t until after World War II that consumption equaled the 1920 amount. So perhaps Prohibition succeeded, a little, after all. But the cost was huge. 

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  1. It was a failure.

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