La Grande Station

La Grande Station in 1897

In my Roaring Twenties mysteries, I stick close to the facts, and so whenever my characters travel, I put them at the right train station if at all possible. Since much of my story is set in Hollywood, I researched one of the main passenger stations in Los Angeles, La Grande, where the Santa Fe line stopped on its way to and from Chicago. 

The train going toward Chicago was called the Chicagoan; the same train coming back west was called the Kansas Cityan. It took about 3 days to make the trip in the Twenties. That’s a long time to sit on a hot train–remember, no air conditioning, so the windows would be open and loads of dust would be blowing in, covering everything and everyone. There were toilet rooms with sinks but no way to take a bath or shower. Still, few complained, since many people alive in the Twenties could remember their parents or grandparents coming West in a wagon train. 

I was thrilled to find this picture of La Grande station. This is how it looked when my characters used it. The place was torn down long ago. 

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  1. Mary your work is beautiful. I love historical facts and you match them with beautiful photos. I am loving it so keep it coming. Thank you.

    • Aw shucks . . . thanks!

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