Rin Tin Tin: Training

One of the most amazing things about Rin Tin Tin was his training. The idea that an ordinary person, like Lee Duncan, Rinty’s owner (below, center), could train his own pet was new in the Roaring Twenties.

 According to Susan Orlean in Rin Tin Tin: The Life and Legend, dog training started in Europe, as did obedience competitions. These concepts came to the United States in the twentieth century. Before then, owners simply didn’t train their own dogs. They sent them to professionals to train as hunters or shepherds or whatever. Professional handlers trained dogs in schools for several weeks or months, then returned them to their owners with instructions. 

I learned some things in this book that I can use in my Roaring Twenties mystery series. I’m working on #3, and added a dog to the plot, a German Shepherd that looks like Rin Tin Tin but is old and feeble. But he’s still going to save the day in the end, just like Rinty! 

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  1. I so enjoyed RTT! I’ve reviewed it several times and recommended it to many. So much more than the TV show we remember.

    • Yes, I had no idea . . . I remembered the TV show and loved it as a child, but never saw the movies. I plan to get one on Netflix so I can see for myself.

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