Listen to Music from the Roaring Twenties

Here’s a great new website I just discovered, brought to you with your tax dollars by the Library of Congress. Here you can listen to original recordings of Roaring Twenties music–over 2,300 of them–and lots of other old music from other decades too. Try these for a taste of the Twenties. I particularly like the Prohibition songs! “How are you going to wet your whistle when the whole darn world goes dry?” from 1919 in anticipation of Prohbition “The moon shines on the moonshine so merrily” from 1920 “My sweet dumb dora.” Dumb Dora is a mild insult that I use in my novel. The general equivalent to “dumb blonde.”

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  1. Can you tell us anything about the Flapper U.S.Stamp?

  2. Not much, I’m afraid. It was a 32 cent stamp issued in 1998 as part of a series on the Roaring Twenties, titled “Flappers Do the Charleston.”

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