A Genuine Roaring Twenties Dress

I was going through an old trunk with my mother last month. She had forgotten what was in it, but she remembered as soon as I pulled out the various articles of clothing. A dress that had been worn by her grandmother around the turn of the twentieth century, two fancy shawls from the same era, a couple dresses her mother had worn in the Forties, and so forth. She didn’t want them. I didn’t want them. So I took the lot to a local vintage clothing store where the owner was ecstatic to have the opportunity to buy such clothing in relatively good condition. (“This is why I went into this business,” she said happily.)

At the last minute, I held one dress back. The vintage clothing store owner confirmed what my mother had said, that this was a day dress from the Twenties. It is a simple dress, cotton, straight waisted. I washed and ironed it, and if the occasion arises, I plan to wear it. Maybe my Roaring Twenties mystery series will get published, and I’ll need to appear at some book signing or conference and can wear something that not only dates from the era, but was owned by someone in my family. Here it is. Look at the cutwork lace. Really lovely work, and it’s “just” a day dress for casual wear!

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  1. lovely. i do like the cut work. my mother told me she used to do it. i wish you had taken pictures of the “ones that got away”, the dresses you took to the vintage store. how nice that you took them there, rather than to good will. i have been to vintage stores that were reasonably priced, and some that were outrageous. $200 for a day dress from the 50’s and obviously worn and faded.

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