The Fatty Arbuckle Story: What Really Happened

      Remember back in 2006, when the Duke University lacrosse players were accused of raping a stripper at a wild party? Remember the creepy prosecutor who ignored the evidence? Remember the way the newspapers condemned the students, their professors failed them, and everyone presumed they were guilty? Remember the changing stories of  “the victim” and her associate? Finally the students were proven innocent beyond any doubt, but their lives had been altered forever. That’s the Fatty Arbuckle story in a nutshell.

      Everyone who knew him described Fatty Arbuckle as kind, gentle, and shy. There is no reason to disbelieve his own account of the happenings that night at the party (it had plenty of corroboration) and here is his testimony, verbatim.


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  1. I think Fatty Arbuckle was framed for some reason. I will say I think he was involved in some way with Virginia Rappe, but I feel she pushed it to the limit, because she wanted to be a “star” at the time and used Fatty.

    This was indeed a f*&k up of the justice system, as usual.

  2. Interesting idea and wouldn’t it make a good subplot in a mystery novel?

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